Best Hair Loss Treatment – Female Hair Loss Treatment

Anyone who is experiencing hair loss is of course going to want to find out what the best hair loss treatment is that they can use, the one that is going to offer them the results that they desire. However, before you can go out and find the best hair loss treatment, regardless of whether you are looking for male or female hair loss treatment, you are going to need to understand about the hair loss condition more.

What is Abnormal Hair Loss?

There is normal hair loss and then there is abnormal hair loss. Normal hair loss is when you lose anywhere from 50-100 hairs a day. However if you are losing more than this or starting to notice that you are developing thinning or even balding areas on your scalp, you are considered as having abnormal hair loss and will need to find appropriate treatment.

Which Treatment is the Best?

There are so many different hair loss treatments on the market today that it would be confusing to anyone as to which they should choose. There are a few products in particular however which are considered as being the best hair loss treatment.

One of the best hair loss treatment products is Propecia. A relatively new product, Propecia has proven to work incredibly effectively already on thousands of people around the world. This product was specifically developed to treat mild to moderate male pattern hair loss and although it does offer terrific results, know that you are not likely to see improvement until weeks after you begin using it.

In fact, for the first week or two after you start on the drug you may experience even more hair loss than usual, but this is normal and you just need to continue using the product until you begin to achieve results, and never ever stop taking it abruptly.

Another of the best hair loss treatment products is Minoxidil. This is a topical treatment which is supposed to be applied daily to the scalp, but know that this product does require a commitment and you will need to use it daily if you want the best possible results.

Be sure to consult with your physician before starting on any of these products, to ensure that you are not going to be putting yourself at risk and also that you are choosing the right hair loss product for you and your particular needs.

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