Eyelash Tinting Is it Right For You?

When visiting the beach, makeup is not a necessity. However, there are a lot of women who do not feel comfortable leaving home without putting on makeup. An option has been provided that will permit you to have a good time with the water and truly look your best. This is made possible with eyelash tinting which makes sure you always possess distinct seductive eyes without using mascara.

Eyelash tinting is a procedure wherein your eyelashes are dyed to make them look darker (they cannot be made lighter). Based on your skin type and hair color, you can have eyelash colors, that can be black, blue, shades of brown, gray or whatever color best fits your complexion.

Eyelash tinting will benefit people that are allergic to make-up, those who are active in sports especially swimming and persons who have no time to apply make-up on a daily basis. For contact lens wearers this is a great solution.

The process is a non-surgical procedure working with vegetable dye as tint. Eyelash tinting is truly natural when compared with mascara. A good number of salons and spas cannot lighten the shade of your natural eyelashes because of this.

Does Eyelash Tinting Have Any Harmful Effects?

People who desire to have their eyelashes tinted normally have this question. Since eyelashes are close to the eyes, it is important to take care that every procedure undertaken close to the eyes is safe.

Make sure you consult with a therapist before getting involved in any lash tinting procedure. At least 2 days before your eyelash tinting treatment, you need to have a patch test to ensure there are no allergic reactions or sensitivities to the solution being used. Then, your therapist will recommend the best color that suits your skin type and hair color to produce the best effects.

The entire procedure takes no longer than 15 minutes. With this in mind, tinting your eyelashes can be done during your lunch break. Once you get to the salon, the beautician will put some cotton beneath your closed eyes and then put on a tiny quantity of vegetable dye onto your eyelashes. The area is then washed with water after 10 minutes to tidy things up. The outcome could last upto four to six weeks.

Apart from an occasion where the dye enters your eye, this treatment is painless. All the same, eyelash tinting is not for all because certain people can become truly irritated with color additives or hair dye.

Furthermore, home tinting kits should be avoided, unless you are confident of your ability. This is because not only can the result be poor, it could also produce outcomes that are not as beautiful as those done in the salons. Eyelash tinting carried out by a professional can give beautiful and durable effects.

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